The Bookshelf


Having created a huge fan base at the the original Bookshelf Coffee House on South Mall, Paul wanted to broaden the offering and create a place where his clients could enjoy not just coffee and full breakfast but also lunch, dinner, wine and cocktails in a relaxed athmosphere. A place you felt welcome any time of the day.

He chose a second iconic location at the Elysian, one of the tallest buildings in Ireland. He wanted to be consistent and extend the brand to the new location but he also wanted to give the place its own look and feel.


While staying true to the original brand we carefully considered the interior. A place that would remain casual and friendly but formal enough for a lunch and late evening cocktails and dinner. We continued with the Bookshelf pallete and carefully designed bespoke seating in neutrals and focused on original and local Art for the colour splash. We selected crockery and glass wear that would complement the globally inspired dishes and reflect the quality and class of the establishment.