Sexual Violence Centre



The Sexual Violence Centre Cork provide services to victims of sexual violence in Cork City and County. They have two main objectives: to work towards the elimination of sexual violence in society and to provide the highest quality of service provision to victims of sexual violence. They are active in their mission and consistently organise events and marches to highlight issues and spark conversations around sexual violence. One of the conversations they wanted to encourage this year was the meaning of consent.


‘Tea and Consent’, a short video by Thames Valley Police and Emmeline May served as the inspiration for the campaign. It is a simple analogy that uses tea as a metaphor for consent. Sexual consent is now a global conversation. Despite the discourse and campaigns, there remains confusion around the concept of consent. This piece aims to demystify the complexities that surround consent.

We built upon the existing narrative and created an ident for the campaign that was bold and powerful. Inspired by road signs, codes and hypnotic imagery, the ident is a visual roadblock that encourages people to stop, consider what they are doing and always ask for consent. The main audience for the campaign was the student body. We created visual motifs that cut through the busy, noisy environments to get and hold attention. We used bold and powerful type and image and created an ident that will work as a call-to-action to always ask for consent.

As part of the campaign, Cork Sexual Violence Centre hosted a tea party in UCC to raise further awareness and engage with students. We designed bunting, placards and promotional material for this immersive event.