Kearys Carstore

Our largest interiors project to date – over 17,000sqft.


Kearys Motor Group wanted to create a new brand within their portfolio – a venture into the second hand car market. They wanted to created something original, fun and vibrant. They had to stand out by offering more in terms of service and be extremely competitive on price.


On analysis of the data it was evident that family cars were going to be a big portion of the new business segment. With that in mind we focused on how to support the family while making a big decision like a big spend on a car.

We recognised that an engaging play area, within the bigger 17,000 sqft space, was key to occupy kids. Thereby allowing parents to focus on the viewing and purchasing process. The dinky park was born. We designed interlocking tables that hold a bespoke miniature city all designed inline with the brand and worked with multiple suppliers to get this made. We designed a fuss-ball table including team jerseys and a larger city scape to frame the kids area and allow kids to interact with the space.

In addition to a new visual identity and a bespoke colour palette, we embarked on our largest interiors project to date – over 17,000sqft. We inserted a bright pink shipping container at the entrance and a second container as the ZoomZoom café. Our goal was consistent use of the simple circle shape – this links the interior and brand. We created bespoke signage similar to stop signs and took the circles through doors, fencing and a purpose built café area.