An original brand inspired by the “dot” and “x” brow sculpting process.


iBrows mission was to introduce the first ultimate brow shaping experience to the heart of Cork City. Offering highly skilled staff to uniquely define an individual’s brow inline with their bone structure, achieved through a unique technique of the dot and ‘x’ pattern. A new concept to dedicate an entire business to just brows.

As the brand evolved iBrow wanted to focus on growing its customer base and needed a way to make the service available to male customers.


We designed an original iBrow brand that stood out. Inspired by the distinctive sculpting technique, we used the the “dot” and “x” to reflect the process which resulted in a memorable and relevant design. The interior we created reflects the high level of service expected at iBrow.

As the brand evolved iBrow wanted to open up the service and target a growing interest from a male customer base by creating a charity event called guy brow.