The owners at Dockland wanted to create a brand that matched the needs of a dynamic city with a fast growing, young professional population living and working in Cork city. A new audience with a passion for good food and entertainment. Dockland wanted to create a casual space where you could embrace this lifestyle, at any time of the day – whether that’s a quick coffee and freshly made pastry to take away in the morning or a leisurely dinner and drinks with friends. It had to work at any time of the day.


We worked with Harold and Beth to capture the essence of Docklands and all it needed to reflect from a brand perspective. Colourful, fresh and bright were the key requirements to be included in the visual identity. Reflecting the owners personalities and the incredibly fresh and colourful offering. Everything at Dockland had to be consistent at every touch point. We designed a tool kit of patterns that worked alongside the logo, a new brand typography and a colour palette to reflect energy and vibe unique to Docklands.

We will continue to our involvement with the brand creating packaging for takeaway and in-house use.