Change by Degrees


Change by Degrees is a social enterprise founded by Tara and Madeleine, two open water swimmers who met swimming in Sandycove, Kinsale. They are creating a movement for convenient sustainability. Their mission is to change the way we produce and consume products and services. They are committed to a new way to live on Planet Earth, by changing the conversation from ‘Do I have to?’, to ‘Where do I start?”. They empower people to make different choices and encourage all actors in society to play their part.

This challenge was a big one. We were tasked to design a brand that not only appealed to every sector of society, but motivated them to act.


We worked closely with Tara and Madeleine to define their audience — businesses, individuals and communities — and developed a strategy to target each group.

We designed a logomark that reflects their core message — every positive change, no matter how big or small, is a step in the right direction. Sustainability is a critical concept, and one we feel passionate about. Through a vibrant colour palette and bespoke iconography, we have created a brand toolkit that is positive and accessible to all.