The Art of living, is your way of living


BlackBee are progressive within the financial industry. They came to us with their plans to create an innovation fund where you can invest in Healthcare infrastructure through a regulated vehicle offering a unique proximity to their investment.

Impressed by the integrity & bravery of the BlackBee team, we were delighted to come on board as their creative partner. The challenge was to create a sub-brand that truly reflected the ingenuity of what BlackBee were doing in a very complex industry.


We worked to articulate their core brand purpose, work from which the tagline “Pollinating investments with great ideas” stemmed. Then we created the sub-brand, aperee.

The aperee brand name (pronounced a-pur-y) is inspired by the Latin ‘apiary’, meaning a collection of beehives cared for by a beekeeper, who are custodians, tasked with the conservation and stewardship of precious hives – it is a matter of ethical responsibility.

These same ethical values of conservation, sustainability and stewardship are very much present in Blackbee’s vision for aperee. aperee needed to convey a message around life, not care and so we began to play with the Art of Living as a concept.

Moving to an aperee home will be a continuation of life as you know it, preserving one’s individuality & independence. We chose a fluid pattern of moving lines similar to a thumbprint, something that is entirely unique to each individual. The colour palette was inspired by wildflowers, signifying vitality & freedom. As part of the creative concept, we created a wall of fresh flowers on which the name aperee was embedded and unveiled at a particular moment during one of the speeches. Furthermore, we worked with Eunice Power catering to create showstopping appetizers that were on brand and served in celebratory style once the reveal had happened. Our team also planned & managed the event on the day including sourcing of the venue, designing, producing and installing all branding.