Live Unbound


The Challenge

Live Unbound is an international consultancy that drives competitive advantage for businesses by unlocking the potential of people and teams. It was founded in 2017 by former Cork Hurling captain Stephen McDonnell, who wanted to translate and share the skillset and winning mentality of elite athletes with the business world. Chapter were brought on board to help express Stephen’s vision, rebrand Live Unbound and merge the realms of sports performance and business through effective use of visual and verbal brand identity.

Our Response

To lay the foundations of the new brand, we completed a comprehensive body of work with Stephen revolving around language and messaging – developing out a brand purpose, vision statement and set of core values that encapsulate the essence of Live Unbound. We also crafted the tagline ‘transformational performance’ as a short-hand tool for communicating Stephen’s USP, which is his very evident and tangible results.

Next, we created a brand identity to visually reflect Live Unbound’s ambition. The brand was crafted to communicate the feeling of freedom and joy that comes with realising one’s true potential and greatness.This was achieved through the use of a vibrant colour palette, an energetic gradient and a minimalist logo that symbolises progression. 

Live Unbound work with a vast amount of collateral and literature, so it was important that we develop a set of graphic devices that could be used in a myriad of ways and yield endless, unique designs. With Live Unbound’s work being so vast and complex in nature, we also created a short explainer video to help guide prospective clients. After developing the identity, we designed a bespoke website in which we helped to streamline the company messaging even further and optimise customer engagement.